(Manufacturer’s Representative, Importer, Indenter, Exporter, Supplier & Service Agent)

Company Profile

Now the company has been working with more than 100 foreign companies/ associates for sourcing of old and new products from over 25 - 30 Countries in the world in Asia, Far East, Middle East, Europe and Americas for meeting the customers’ present and upcoming demands. The company has a dedicated good team, working for promotion of sales and marketing and providing after sales service support with collaboration of foreign experts to solve the customers needs/problems with full satisfaction, which is the company’s business principal by showing it’s efforts and the company’s reputation is climbing up gradually in the right way and will be continue to the long way down by expanding new business areas which all our valued Customer/Clients are enjoying very much.

Sales & Service Achievement

Under 04 Companies, “Tech-Strait Corporation, Tech-Strait Corporation Ltd. and Tech-Strait Energy Services and Tech-Strait (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. “, we have supplied more then 372 Orders thru foreign business partner and 236 Orders thru our company as a local supply to our different customers as per their needs/ requirements thru RFQ, Limited Tender, Open Tender & Local Tender inquiries. [ A copy of Supply /Order List can be provide as per request]