TECH-STRAIT CORPORATION LTD. is in the business for managing all levels from appraisal to development in the Gas/Oil Field and other Industrial areas. The company enjoys an overall advantage because of our lower overhead, operating efficiencies and excellent relationship with foreign associates- manufacturers, suppliers, vendors and local customers /clients in Bangladesh.

TECH-STRAIT CORPORATION LTD. acts as a Manufacturer’s Representative, Importer, Indentor, and Supplier & Service Agent for all kinds of Products & Equipments which are being marketed & sold to all our valued customers in the country. Also the company provides consultancy services to all associates, Manufacturer/Suppliers & Customers.

The areas where TECH-STRAIT CORPORATION LTD. can help you are as follows :

         »» Oil & Gas Industry-Exploration and Production.
         »» Gas Transmission and Distribution Pipeline Net Works.
         »» Urea & Other Fertilizers Factories/ Industries.
         »» Pharmaceuticals/Petrochemical/Chemical Industries.
         »» Food & Beverage Plant / Industries.
         »» Power Plant /Generation Companies.
         »» Cements, Steels, Paper and other Industries.
         »» Water Supply, Environments & Other Dept.

TECH-STRAIT CORPORATION LTD. is a company involved in the trading for all industrial needs especially in the oil & gas, power & fertilizers companies by selecting good quality products from various sources/origin as per customer’s requirements and started it’s business operation from 2001 and now the company is running over 8 Years with a good name and record. We are the supplier/Package provider for the state run Gas/Oil companies and IOC (International Oil Companies) worked in Bangladesh with other customers in different fields. The company participates in tenders and offers the entire range of Products and Equipments with components/spares parts in the fields of mechanical, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, telecommunications and other areas as well for supplying the right and quality products with competitive prices to all our valued customers.

Now the company has been working with more than 50 foreign companies/ associates for sourcing of old and new products from over 20 Countries in the world in Asia, Far East, Middle East, Europe and Americas for meeting the customers’ present and upcoming demands. The company has a dedicated good team, working for promotion of sales and marketing and providing after sales service support with collaboration of foreign experts to solve the customers needs / problems with full satisfaction, which is the company’s business principal and by showing it’s efforts and the company’s reputation is climbing up gradually in the right way and will be continue to the long way down by expanding new business areas which all our valued Customer/Clients are enjoying very much.